Brouwers Capital

“With 35 years of experience, we’ve created innovative strategies that enhance performance and risk management, surpassing traditional investment vulnerabilities. We manage funds and customize strategies to optimize risk-return for our partners.”

André Brouwers
Founder and Fund Manager

About Brouwers Ecosystem

While the core and strength of Brouwers Capital is built on the automated trading platform and understanding of market trends, the experience has also been translated to other complimentary propositions which support to create a solid ecosystem built around Invest-tech.

Brouwers Capital

Brouwers Capital Trading & Hedging Investment Strategies

Through the automated system, Brouwers Capital offers tailored solutions designed for trading and hedging investments strategies. This tool can also be used to create derivative strategies to provide protection on long only portfolio’s. The strategy can be applied to equity, fixed income, FX, etc., and can be monitored on a continuous basis and adapted where necessary.

This solution can be offered through a research contract or via -the set-up of- a private label fund.

Brouwers Capital Trading Hedging Investment Strategies 2

Brouwers Capital Equity Fundamental Investment Strategies

This automated tool is designed by a Brouwers Capital team to select the best stocks worldwide based on fundamental analysis. More than 30.000 listed companies worldwide are permanently screened by a unique tool based on algorithms and criteria that are used by the worlds best investors like Buffett, Lynch and Graham. Our extensive research was applied to find an edge in the selection of a stock portfolio. In this approach, we look for a combination of strong fundamentals and the right price to pay. This tool is designed to provide investors with an edge in stock selection, assessing quality stocks as well as outperforming the traditional investing strategies by generating a more stable return.

This solution can be offered through a research contract, license or -via the set up- of a private label fund.

Brouwers Capital Training and Educational Tools

Founded in 2011 by André Brouwers, Het Beleggingsinstituut (investment institute), is currently the largest independent education provider in the field of investing in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company offers tailor-made training for investors, professional and non-professional. In-company training is provided as well. Brouwers education platform has substantially improved the way investors manage their wealth across Europe.

Investment game

Additionally, Brouwers Capital has incorporated education in gaming to expand their knowledge base. This is done through a strategy card game that have been available directly for end users, distributed by 3rd parties and corporations. By bringing the educational tools in communities, Brouwers Capital can contribute to the enhancement and knowledge of investing through schools and universities.

Brouwers Capital Training and Educational Tools 4

Brouwers Capital Strategy Consulting

In addition to investment management, based on experience and a track record of historically proven results, Brouwers Capital provides consultancy services to support in building the right strategies to address the current market trends. The team can provide a personalized approach using an innovative methodology.

Partners and Awards

Brouwers Capital has received the prestigious honor of being a five-time winner at the Dutch Investment Debate for their exceptional strategy and investment advisory services. In partnership with Dutch television station RTL and newspaper IEX & Telegraaf, along with financial partner ING, Brouwers Capital has successfully trained over 25,000 investors and garnered recognition through various awards. In addition, Brouwers Capital has provided training to employees of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

Strategic Partnership

Brouwers Capital is strategically extending its reach beyond Europe to introduce diverse opportunities to the global market. The goal is to offer a wide range of investment opportunities and financial services globally. This expansion is driven by the commitment to providing local and regional investors with access to tailored financial solutions and a variety of investment avenues. Brouwers Capital is eager to leverage its expertise and global perspective to contribute to the growth and development of the global financial landscape, and the potential of establishing strong partnerships within the different regions.