About Brouwers Capital

Brouwers Capital, a Dutch investment company, is one of the leaders in the Invest-tech segment. Invest-tech is a fast-growing sub-set of Fintech and is driving innovation away from vulnerable traditional investment methodologies.  By combining experience built on 35 years of trading with technology, Brouwers Capital has developed an automated trading system focused on short term trading to capitalize on market fluctuations which provide steady returns while minimizing risk and exposure. Brouwers Capital achieved this by developing 50 fully automated strategies, covering 15 markets, focused on different asset classes, mainly Futures, Commodities, Forex, and Index Funds for a well-diversified portfolio. These short-term strategies are systematized and triggered on market fluctuations to gain on upwards and downwards movements of the market by using short and long positions.
Brouwers Capital was founded by a father and son with one thing in mind: to develop a methodology which can safely provide net returns on assets, independent of the developments of the financial markets. They observed the constant volatility of the markets, the big market dips (drawdowns) which result in event with a diversified portfolio.  By combining their knowledge with a team of highly experienced trade platform developers, they were able address this by building a specialized solution and enhancing it over time incorporating automated trading strategies. The automated nature of these strategies removes all sentimental and emotional market behaviors, additionally allowing for back-testing of these strategies to as far back as 2008. In summary, providing more stable returns by minimizing the risk and improving the rewards.
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About The Fund

Unlike traditional fund traders which are built on a buy and hold strategy, Brouwers fund is focused on short term trades with an average duration of 0.7 days. The system is built in mind to prevent market drops such as what occurred in 1987, 1989, 2001, 2008, 2020 and 2022.  Whether the market fluctuated because of the interest rate spike of 1994, the financial crisis of 2008, the 2020 Covid spring or the volatility in physical commodities, the strategies are built to capitalize on these swings. The Brouwers solution, which is built primarily on technical analysis and research, drops losing trades and holds on to the winning ones providing stability per the graph below. This is based on applying the automated strategies on historical market and live trading after applying market and trading corrections.
Brouwers’ focus is on patterns and trends in financial markets, quantitative analysis, investor behavior and risk management.  The fully automated and continuously improved trading strategies are based on algorithms which generate buy, sell and money management signals. The result is an automated engine that detects opportunities and generates transactions in a disciplined way and is based on an equal ratio of long and short positions, diversified through different asset classes. The audited results have consistently over the years yielded lower market dips (drawdowns) per the below graph for each year as compared to the major international and regional indices.  Yielding an average annual return of 13.6% with a maximum drawdown of -8.5%, this provides higher returns with a lower drawdown as compared to the MSCI index. This therefore creates a great balance between risk and reward.

The Team

Brouwers Capital Team - 1

André Brouwers

CEO & Fund Manager
Brouwers Capital Team - 2

Tom Brouwers

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Jacco van Pelt

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Brouwers Capital Team - 8

Wen Liu

Business Development Asia
Brouwers Capital Team - 4

Michel Oosterhaven

External Advisor
Brouwers Capital Team - 3

Rene Kreileman


Issek Antwi-Agyei

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Brouwers Capital - Team 14

Steve Venrooy

Fundamental Analyst and Developer
Brouwers Capital - Team 13

Willem Timmerman

Fundamental Analyst and Developer
Brouwers Capital Team - 7

Olivier Frieser

Trading Research
Brouwers Capital Team - 5

Thomas Brussen

Brouwers Capital Team - 6

Stefan Tel