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My name is André Brouwers, I am the founder of the Brouwers Fund and I would like to tell you more about our innovative investment approach.

You have built up your assets and want to make them profitable in a responsible way.

We have developed a methodology that allows you to safely achieve a return on your assets, in principle independently of developments on the financial markets. Our fund can be an excellent addition to your current investment portfolio because the results have almost no correlation with a share or bond portfolio.

About us

Why Brouwers Capital?

Positive months
Average return
Max drawdown

YTD yield 10,15%

The 3M Principles

1   Method

Our years of research has resulted in a method where there is a statistical advantage (edge) which can be utilized continuously.

2   Money Management

Since no one can predict the future, even the best investor or trader will make mistakes. An erroneous estimate leads to a loss. That is not necessarily a problem, provided that this loss is limited and proportionate to profit transactions. Our approach has a good risk/return ratio that is often much better than that of other investments.

Good risk management ensures the limited drawdown in our results.

3    Mindset

The weakest link is usually the investor or trader himself. Investing is making decisions. Trading is making decisions even more frequently.

Since it is only known afterwards whether a decision is correct, trading requires dealing with uncertainty in the right way. The mindset is essential to achieving success. Many investors have difficulty accepting a loss and therefore often wait too long to take a loss.

The power of the computer is precisely that it knows no emotion. A good strategy therefore becomes effective. Moreover, it is possible for a computer to take advantage of opportunities 24 hours a day. We want to make optimum use of that power.

our strategy

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You can request the information package via our website. The information package contains:


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