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Brouwers capital is a Dutch company specialized in systematic and automated
investment strategies.


We have learned -many times the hard way- that markets choose their own direction. Markets correct if you do not expect it and bull markets start on bearish fundamentals.

As investors and traders, we have witnessed market drops in equity markets in 1987, 1989, 2001, 2008, 2020 and 2022. We saw the crashes in bond markets during the interest spike 1994, the financial crisis in 2008 and the 2020 corona spring and the volatility in crude oil, copper, timber and other commodities. Many times central banks came to rescue. What if central banks and governments cannot intervene or are not effective anymore?

We know it is easy to lose money but not always simple to make it. Protecting wealth is challenging when equity markets are stretched and bond yields are low. Diversification helps to an extent until all markets correct together as is often the case like in 2003, 2008 and 2020. Private equity and hedge funds can deliver added value. However, one needs to understand and live with illiquidity and higher costs. The challenge remains how to obtain a solid return while protecting wealth. Brouwers capital delivers an alternative for the standard approach to wealth management.

We have studied market behavior extensively and developed our proprietary methodology. We have combined extensive research and experience in financial markets. Our focus is on patterns in financial markets, quantitative analysis, investor behavior and -very important- risk management.  Our findings have been translated in algorithms which generate buy, sell and money management signals. We strive for continuous improvements with a strong focus on risk management.


We offer the following solutions

Automated Trading Systems

We have developed and continue to develop investment trading systems. We know that we cannot forecast future prices in financial markets.  However, we can define patterns and trends that are statistically significant and turned them in rule based algorithms. These algorithms have been automated and tested. Testing has been done via back testing as well through live trading. The result is an automated engine that detects opportunities and generates transactions in a disciplined way. Currently, 40 different strategies are applied, covering over 15 different markets. By combining these in a portfolio, the risk return tradeoff is further improved. Results have been consistent over the years and have been audited.

This solution can be offered through a license or via -the set-up of- a managed account or private label fund.

Brouwers Fund resultaten februari

Investment Strategies Equity

We can offer an attractive alternative for traditional equity investing. In our approach we combine fundamental research, pattern recognition, derivatives and money management. Thereby, we are able to have an edge in timing as well as a smoothing of performance by adding short volatility. As a result, our risk return ratio outperforms traditional strategies. A track record has been built since 2012.


This solution can be offered through a research contract or via -the set-up of- a private label fund.

Investment strategies Hedging & Overlay

It is important to have a good insight in the overall wealth structure based upon a consolidated overview. Scenario analysis will provide further insight in -tail- risks. Expect the unexpected and DE aware of the black swans. For example, a substantial overweight in a currency pair exposure puts your returns at risks and can be hedged.  Or a 40% drop in equity markets would negatively impact your short term liquidity needs, a derivative strategy might solve the issue. Volatility spikes, and you would like to profit via a correctly priced structured product. Know your portfolio risks and adapt where appropriate.

Depending on your horizon and risk budget, you can tailor your portfolio by applying a protection overlay.

The overlay can be applied to equity, fixed income, FX, etc., monitored on a continuous base and adapted where necessary. Define whether you want to hedge certain risks or apply a total overlay on your wealth. We have the tools available. Let’s have an open discussion.

This service can be offered through a research contract or via -the set-up of- a private label fund.

Consultancy & education

One of our group companies, Het Beleggingsinstituut, is the largest independent education provider in the field of investing in the Netherlands. The company was founded by André Brouwers in 2011. The company offers tailor made trainings for investors, professional and non-professional. In company trainings can be arranged as well. Our clients confirm that the trainings have substantially improved the way they manage their wealth.


Not every institution, family or HNWI has the same questions and needs. In our view, consultancy is about cooperation and should have an added value both for you and for us. We believe that an open discussion will provide valuable insights.

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